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Freedom Fighter of the Month

Rev. Joseph Lowery

Joseph Lowery has been a powerful force in the American civil rights movement for more than 50 years. In his time, he has fought against disenfranchisement, segregation, discrimination, and apartheid. But we want to focus on his most recent actions. Last month claimed the life of Lowery's civil rights comrade Coretta Scott King, and her funeral was held just a few days ago, attended by thousands of people, leaders of the black community, and four presidents.

Lowery delivered a speech at this funeral service, and spoke of her strength, and deep commitment to her fellow man. And then, following King's path of speaking truth to power, Lowery spoke these words mere inches from the president himself:

"She extended Martin's message against poverty, racism and war. She deplored the terror inflicted by our smart bombs on missions. We know now that there were no weapons of mass destruction over there. But Coretta knew, and we know there are weapons of misdirection right down here. Millions without health insurance, poverty abound. For war, billions more, but no more for the poor."

King's entire life was a struggle for peace and justice, and Lowery's brave words let her continue to do so even in death.