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The Oak Leaf

The Oak Leaf is the name of the monthly newspaper written and published by the students of Oak Ridge High School in the town of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The latest edition of Oak Leaf contained a two-page editorial about sex and birth control.

The majority of the article simply listed the failure rates of common forms of birth control. In the second paragraph the author mentions that "complete sexual abstinence is certainly an option," but notes statistics showing that teens are often choosing to have sex; therefore, the author reasons, sexually active students should know about birth control so they can have safe sex. The paper also included articles about tattoos and body piercings.

Upon seeing these factual articles about safe sex and the human body, the Oak Ridge High School administration went crazy, confiscating as many copies of the paper as they could, even trying to retrieve copies that students had already brought home.

The students are fighting this restriction of free speech. They have contacted the Student Press Law Center for advice, and are protesting by wearing hand-painted t-shirts which read "Censorship Got Me Pregnant."

Given the high teen pregnancy rate in Tennessee, the Oak Leaf staff has done their community a great service in educating their peers about safe sex. We applaud their civic journalism and hope that the school administrators rethink their pro-censorship stance.