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Freedom Fighter of the Month

Brad Will

We have written frequently about the uprising and repression in Oaxaca in the past several months, and we once briefly mentioned part of the spark for the government crackdown: the high-profile murder of one American. That American was a passionate, adventurous activist and independent journalist named Brad Will.

Will seemed to be at the center of every major ruckus: the WTO protests in Seattle, police raids on squats in New York City, tree-sitting actions in Oregon, anti-globalization marches in Quebec, Genoa, and Prague, and most recently, documenting struggles for justice in Latin America.

Will was murdered by police thugs in Oaxaca, in an effort to terrorize the people who were fighting to throw a corrupt dictator out of office. Journalist to the end, Will had his camera in hand and rolling as the bullets struck him, and he managed to document his own horrific murder.

He was not the only one that these murderers have killed in Oaxaca, and he won't be the last. And we thought about honoring the efforts of the Oaxacan protesters this month instead of Brad Will. But with great optimism and hope, we have decided to recognize the life and struggle of Brad Will, and to honor the Oaxacan protesters AFTER THEY WIN!

Rather than try to summarize the amazing life of a man we never knew, we'll instead point you to this article which does the job with knowledge and love.